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Love*Faith*Hope Bracelets


These beautiful pink quartz, moonstone and amazonite bead bracelets with a rhodium plated sterling silver heart, the image of LOVE, a cross, the image of FAITH, and an anchor, the image of HOPE are handmade by artisan jewelers.

Stones, 8 mm

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz brings happiness in love. Perfect for healing broken hearts, pink quartz awakens tenderness and strengthens our sensitivity. It stimulates artistic creativity.


Stone of new beginnings, moonstone is charged with feminine energy. Mitigating the tendency to react excessively emotionally, this stone encourages a moderate attitude to the emotions of others.


Amazonite tranquilizes, relaxes, brings serenity and harmonizes feelings. When we are experiencing trials, amazonite helps to alleviate our physical symptoms and purifies us.

Authenticity and Warranty

Every piece of jewelry is handmade to order and crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail, in order to meet Melanie Stones' high quality standards.

Melanie Stones guarantee the authenticity of the gems and pearls.

Melanie Stones jewelry is guaranteed for life.

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