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Mélanie’s Story, and Melanie Stones’

« You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world. »
- Oprah Winfrey

Whether we’re clients, businesspeople or just curious ones who love discovering success stories, many of us ask ourselves how a young woman, set for a career in science and engineering, came to leave all that behind to become a businesswoman and create her own jewelry brand.

Melanie Stones’ story is just like her founder: remarkable and inspiring.

At the root of this big adventure was instinct, a little inner voice pushing her to go further and giving her the strength to face adversity. There was also courage and beautiful encounters. Thank to all these, Mélanie Pilote became the founding president and designer of the jewelry company Melanie Stones, almost seven years ago.

Originally from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Mélanie was heading for a career in science and engineering. As the oldest of three girls, feeling that she had to set an example, she was first in her class, making her parents and teachers very proud of her academic results.

But from a very young age, Mélanie also showed an amazing artistic sense. At four, she was already doing ballet and enjoyed doing creative activities. Under the loving eyes of her maternal grandmother, her hands learned the patience it took to cook and to tame the needle and thread, in the arts of sewing, knitting, and embroidery, memories that she will never stop cherishing.

Her Saturday mornings were dedicated to plastic arts. An artist and friend of her father showed Mélanie and her friends several artistic techniques, which in turn, Mélanie loved sharing with her 3rd grade classmates on Fridays.

Later, there came the joy of helping others be their best and feel good about themselves. At 13, Mélanie spends hours doing her friends’ hair, something she loves so much that her parents hear her declare that she wants to be a hairdresser! That was definitely not part of their plan for a daughter who had so far excelled in all academic subjects. That particular plan could only include the university and science.

With two scholarships in her pocket, Mélanie starts a Bachelor in mechanical engineering with the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Soon realizing that she lacks interest in the field, she decides to move to actuarial studies at Université Laval. Determined and hard-working, she graduates and starts a career in consulting with actuarial companies, which she will do for the next 20 ans.

Loudly and clearly, Mélanie insists that she does not regret any of her professional choices, because she always loved mathematics and challenges. Furthermore, the discipline required in consulting work allowed her to develop skills that she still applies on a daily basis.

After many years of science, at some point, Mélanie starts to feel that she is not in the right place, that something is off!

From a young age, she felt the desire to accomplish big things, to push her limits and do something special with her life.

At 38, she meets the man who was to become the father of her daughter, a businessman. With him, she discovers the world of entrepreneurship and tells herself: « Why wouldn’t I start my own business, too? »

Uncomfortable with her current job, she begins thinking about what kind of business she would like, and she already knows that she wants to build a brand.

The next step is meeting with a branding expert, who helps her understand where her passions lay. It is a six-week process that makes her discover the essence of her identity: recognizing true beauty.

By now it is the summer of 2014 and Mélanie wonders what steps to take now that she has received this gift of knowledge.

As a young mother of Estelle, who was two at the time, Mélanie is unhappy with her job and, armed with her mantra « who doesn’t risk anything doesn’t have anything! », decides to quit her job and its soothing feeling of security. She enrolls in a thirteen-week course on entrepreneurship, deeply convinced that her efforts will pay off and that it will work!

Let’s say it: Mélanie showed perseverance and resilience and never stopped believing in her project. Her intuition and artistic talent give her wings and help her dive deep into this adventure.

So, on January 8, 2015, Mélanie sets up her company: Melanie Stones Jewelry.

She starts by designing bracelets of semi-precious stones in her kitchen. It is instinctively during a visit to the Fabergé expo, at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montréal, that she had discovered how much the stones decorating these fabulous eggs speak to her esthetic sense.

When designing her jewelry, Mélanie focusses all her attention on the stones and pearls that she chooses one by one. She uses all her expertise, passion, and emotion to bring these creations to life.

Having started from scratch, she now conceives high-end jewelry made of semi-precious stones, pearls, and diamonds from all around the world, cut exclusively for Melanie Stones, in collaboration with the best jewelers and gemologists in the industry.

Her clients entrust her with designing jewelry that mark the most important occasions in their lives, because Mélanie’s work stands out by its beauty and high quality.

Her clients are so excited by her creations that many of them say wearing their jewelry proudly every day.

It is by no surprise that Melanie Stones establishes itself quickly as an important business of jewelry designed in Québec.

Recently, Mélanie discovered that her jewelry also manages to send positive energy to her clients. Maybe, that is due to the fact that each piece is personalized, handmade to order and created with intuition and thoroughness.

There is such an attraction to Mélanie’s jewelry!

She will never forget something that her father told her once, when she was trying to learn what made her personality: « Mélanie, you always want to give the best. »

Which is what she does, day after day: making perfect jewelry for her numerous clients, proud to wear their Melanie Stones creations.