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Diamond Bracelet


This beautiful 14k gold bracelet, adorned with five brilliant round cut diamonds, is handmade by artisans jewelers.

Total weight : 0.5 carat

At Melanie Stones, we ethically source our diamonds. Integrity and social responsibility are at the core of our sourcing practices.

Our diamond jewelry is also available through our bespoke service. This personalized service invites you to choose your diamond and select your setting, allowing our team of experts to create a unique piece made especially for you.


Called the “Queen of Stones”, the diamond is the very symbol of the soul. It symbolizes its perfection, and inspires purity. Often associated with lightning and fire, it nevertheless reflects the sun, its generous light and life itself.

Authenticity and Warranty

Every piece of jewelry is handmade to order and crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail, in order to meet Melanie Stones' high quality standards.

Melanie Stones guarantee the authenticity of the gems and pearls.

Melanie Stones jewelry is guaranteed for life.

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