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Where Do Melanie Stones Stones Come From?

Where Do Melanie Stones Stones Come From?

In January 2015, when I started making gemstone bracelets, my first instinct was to contact gemologists.

This is how I went to the office of the founder of the School of Gemmology of Montreal, Mrs. Odile Civitello, who generously gave me sound advice. It was very reassuring and interesting for me who was new to the jewelry business.

She then threw this sentence at me: "One day, you will go yourself to get your stones all over the world!"

Photo above: jade and amazonite bracelets from the Signature collection


A big stone exporting country is Thailand. Some of Melanie Stones' stones are sourced from suppliers in Bangkok.

This is the case for the stones in the collection Sphères. They are cut in rough stone on request for Melanie Stones. They are of course of very high quality and they pass through the hands of appraising gemologists before being mounted in earrings in Montreal.

Photo above: blue quartz earrings from the Sphere collection


There is also lapis lazuli which comes directly from Afghanistan, a major producing country.

Photo above: lapis lazuli necklace, a Melanie Stones creation


It is sometimes difficult to determine the provenance of a particular stone. It can come from several countries, because many stones are found in China or India to be cut into the shape of spheres.

This is the case of labradorite, which comes mainly from Labrador, but which could also come from the United States, France and Madagascar.

Photo above: labradorite and freshwater pearl bracelet from the Essence collection


But regardless of the provenance, Melanie Stones guarantees the authenticity of the stones and it is possible to obtain an evaluation from a gemologist evaluator.

I always say that you have to choose a stone with your heart. The choice of a jewel is above all a crush on a particular gem. And Melanie Stones is a guide through the important process of creating exceptional jewelry.


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