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These pearls that illuminate us

These pearls that illuminate us

We love South Sea pearls, the rarest of all pearls, for their size and brilliant luster.

These prestigious gems, also called Australian pearls, come in shades of white, silvery white, grey, golden white up to golden honey, with a range of round, semi-round, button, pear, baroque or circled.

Cultivated in the warm seas of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, South Sea pearls are fairly large (between 8 and 19 mm) and very shiny sea gems.

The delicate growing process of South Sea pearls makes them difficult to cultivate outside of these regions, making them a rare and valuable treasure.

South Sea pearls come from the pinctada maxima oyster, a type measuring 25 to 35 cm.

Here is a South Sea pearl carefully chosen by Mélanie, forming this wonderful pendant mounted on a rhodium-plated sterling silver bail and chain.

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