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Finding My Castle

Finding My Castle

I see it as a sign. For my 50th birthday, my mother gifted me with her engagement ring. A beautiful 30-point diamond mounted on an amazing yellow gold 4 petal flower (my lucky number). A creation dating back to 1966, that my father offered her.

You have probably guessed already that it was more the significance of her gesture that moved me, than the object itself. 

And here’s why: as a child, I was dreaming of being a princess (actually, I thought I had been one in a previous life!) and living the luxury of a castle life which was probably why I felt so proud when I was offered to present my jewelry at the Château Frontenac. What a big day for Melanie Stones!

At the early dawn of 2022, I decided to listen to my intuition and, as a businesswoman, I felt the time had come to go in a new direction.

After 7 years of creating semi-precious stones bracelets, a product that turned out to be my staple piece of jewelry, Melanie Stones takes on a new challenge. I know that Melanie Stones bracelets have become almost legendary, but I’m convinced that when a door closes another one opens.

And what a door that is: the Melanie Stones diamonds were launched in July 2020 and one and a half year later, the Blue Diamond collection is on the up swing. The future is bright, I can fell it!

I think this time, I have found my Castle.

Mélanie Pilote
Founder & Designer, Melanie Stones

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