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Deliver perfection

Deliver perfection

"The secret of travel is in the wait and nowhere else."
- Victor-Lévy Beaulieu

Long before I decided to make jewelry, my father told me this sentence that will remain forever etched in my memory: "Mélanie, you always want to offer perfection."

Every time I create a jewel, it is like this.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail to meet Melanie Stones high quality standards.

These are creations that challenge the creativity of the artist(s) involved, and it is the variable time that gives the energy the opportunity to put everything in place so that the most beautiful piece of jewelery is created, for the person who will wear it.

Thus, the purchaser has every advantage in respecting the time and space of the creator.

We're in an age of fast-paced consumerism that has its place in some areas, but certainly not in high-end jewelry.

And isn't the pleasure also in waiting for this perfect jewel?

I was recently talking with the manager of a large jewelry house and he made the analogy... Doesn't a child take 9 months to be born?

Creating each jewel to order and personalizing it for each of my clients is my mission and my pride!

And that's what makes Melanie Stones jewelry so unique.

It's because they have their own soul and energy that you are happy to carry with you every day.


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