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A Melanie Stones jewel for every special occasion

A Melanie Stones jewel for every special occasion

Many of you entrust me with the creation of a jewel for the significant occasions of your life. Whether it's birthdays, weddings, births, retirements, graduations, the occasions are multiple and unique to everyone. 

The important thing is the happiness and the pride that this jewel brings us and the memory that we keep with us.

Recently, I went to deliver a set of bracelets to a client who was celebrating her 65th birthday. I witnessed the joy in those eyes when I handed her her gift bag and the pride when she put her bracelets on her arm in front of her husband who was giving it to her as a gift.

A few months ago a lady asked me to design some opal earrings for her daughter who had just finished her actuarial exams. I was the perfect designer for the event!

And there's this set of diamond rings I created for lovers who wanted to celebrate their 20-year union.

There's also this pearl and rose gold necklace and earrings that I created for a client who wanted to mark her separation and the "beginning of her freedom." She repeated to me many times: “It is a gift to me from me with all my love”.

I would like to sincerely thank you for your confidence and your interest in my jewelry.

At Melanie Stones, each piece of jewelry is made with a lot of love and the passion shines through in each of my creations.

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